Buying a car? How to get a test drive.

Test Drive Options

Getting a test drive or having the time to go to the dealership can be one of the most inconvenient and time consuming parts of the car buying process.  Whether you're looking for a new car off the lot or browsing used models, you should fit in at least one test drive.   Here are the options you have to test out your next vehicle!

1.  Dealerships

Dealers for both new and used cars will let you test drive the vehicles they have on site.  This option has its benefits in that a knowledgeable sales person will ride with you, giving you the best information and answers to your questions.  The downside to test driving from a dealership is that their bottom line is to sell you a car. The information they give you may very well be biased toward a sale.This can make the testing experience more stressful than it needs to be, and if you don't hold up to pressure well, you might find yourself with the keys to a new car the same day without really thinking it through.

2.  Rentals

If you've narrowed down your choices to just a few cars, renting one for the day is a great way to get a feel for the comfort and abilities of the car.  You can spend an extended amount of time in it to find out how it will feel on those long road trips. You also have the freedom to take the car around town, driving from home to work or running errands.  Renting lets you get a more in-depth idea of how you'll like the car for day to day driving. Renting is an inexpensive way to analyze a car before making your purchase.

3.  Peer Test Drive

Another great way to test drive cars you're choosing between is to use a peer to peer test drive service such as the one offered by DriveTry.  DriveTry pairs real life car owners with the people who want to try out the make and model of their vehicle. When you use a service like ours, you get to drive the car with a passenger who knows all about how it drives, its quirks, and comfort.  Aside from getting a feel for how you'll like driving the car, you'll also learn how much repairs and maintenance cost, how it performs in different conditions, gas expenses, and more! The best part? The owner isn't trying to seal the deal and sell you their car, meaning you can expect honest information and answers to your questions.    

Test driving before you purchase a vehicle is imperative.  When you go to a car dealership, you're going to feel the pressure to buy.  By renting a car, you can spend as much time in it as you need, but you'll lack an expert in the passenger seat.  DriveTry, with peer to peer test drives, offers you the opportunity to test drive cars with the owner, giving you insight into the vehicle you won't get otherwise.  Next time you're ready to start trying out some cars, make sure you schedule the test drives with DriveTry! Watch the explainer video below.