Buying A Car? What To Look For When You Take A Test Drive

Are you ready for a new car?  Have you been thinking about your options, researching the pros and cons of different models?  If you have been in the market for a new car, you know how important it is to make a decision you can live with. Choosing a new car is exciting, but it’s important not to get carried away.  Cars are expensive and are rarely returnable, so you need to make sure you love what you choose! To do this, test driving before you buy is imperative.  To have the best experience, there are a few things to do before booking your test drive.

Before the Test Drive

First, you should have a short list of makes and models you want to drive.  Doing research before driving the cars will help you narrow your choices, giving you a few cars to compare, instead of an overwhelming number of options.  Do you want to buy a new car off the lot? Are you looking for used vehicles? What does the car need to have versus the extras you'd like? These are all questions to answer before heading out to test drive.

While we care what the car looks like in person, it's more important to focus on the features and how comfortable it is while driving it.  The average person spends more than 10 hours per week in their car driving, and more than three full years in their lifetime! With statistics like these, you need to be comfortable at the wheel.

During the Drive

When you get yourself buckled in, adjust the seats and mirrors to where you need them.  You're looking at purchasing a similar car so don't be afraid to adjust everything you need to.  Check out the radio if a good sound system is important to you. How smoothly does it accelerate?  Consider how well the brakes work, and how easily the engine shifts. How well can you see the traffic around you?  Take pictures to remember certain features after you're home. The most important thing to remember in a test drive is while the car might feel great for a few minutes, how will you like it after 20?  Don't rush your drive but rather take the time to get a feel for it.

And After

Many people avoid test driving because of the pressure salesmen put on when they're done.  If you're not ready to commit, ask for a business card and be firm that you need time to think about your options.  If car lots and pushy dealers make you nervous, you could try the new test driving experience offered by DriveTry!

DriveTry is a peer to peer online platform that allows potential new car buyers to test drive similar makes and models owned by other people.  With DriveTry, you get to test out the vehicles you're considering, without the pressures to buy that day. By testing similar models to what you're looking for, you'll get to speak with an actual owner of the car.  The test drive host can give you an honest review and actual information on the real life expenses.

Test driving is essential to getting a car you'll love.  DriveTry makes the entire process easier, less stressful, and gives you the time and experiences you need to of how  make the best choice!  When you're ready to buy a new car, be sure to test your options first with DriveTry!  Rememeber, the idea of DriveTry is to give you a good experience from an owner's perspective and  the test drive is provded by someone just like you who owns the car you test drive. Drive carefully and reasonably like you would in your own new car.